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Here you can find a variety of video tutorials showing how to install and use a range of tech tools that are very useful for academics. I have only added software tools and techniques that are free and that I personally use and recommend. In general I have put the most basic ones first so they will be at the bottom of this page. The newer ones (at the top of this page) will deal with more advanced content. So please do scroll through and hopefully you will find what you are looking for. If you don't then email me and if I can do it I will make another tutorial that deals with your request.


Presentation Slideshow Design Videos

Here are a few videos showing a variety of elements that are needed to make good slideshows for presentations. These cover the 4A's - of presentations. Here the A’s stand for Accessibility - use of dyslexic friendly fonts and colour blind friendly contrast schemes. The best fonts are san serif fonts as they have a higher readability factor compared to serif fonts. So I have used Century Gothic for most of my slides as I like its clean lines and overall style. Similarly using mainly lower case also adds to the readability of the slides as this is what most people are most used to reading so they can cognitively process lower case faster (Weinschenk, Susan, 2009). Appropriateness - of the images and their relationship to the topic or idea, and of the the style to content so there is a cognitive match; Arrangement - of the placement, style, timing and transitions of the builds and elements on the slide to smoothly flow together in a cognitively pleasing way; and lastly Awesomeness - of the slideshow in terms on its overall effect on the audience to produce an emotional reaction.

Here I am building on the famous Maya Angelou quote,
“ People will forget what you said, and what you do, but they will not forget how you made them feel”
as the overall aim of presentations is to take the information from the presenter via the presentation and implant it into the minds of the audience in a way that enables them to remember it easily. This is best done via the WOW effects of what I call Dopamine Generators, techniques that produce an emotional reaction in the audience as when people feel emotions dopamine is produced and this enables memory retention. These generators can take the form of humour, shock, awe, sadness, happiness - basically anything that hits some emotional sweet spot in the audience. When this is achieved and dopamine is produced in the audience then these are the best times to have the presenter present their key points as these times are when memory retention is likely to be at its highest in the audience. This is the WOW effect and below is an explanation of how it looks on slides, and in my TEDxTokyoTeacher talk is an example of one of my live presentations where I try to do just that - starting with a humourous introduction, evocative images, and controversial ideas!




Adding the MS Word plugin to Zotero on Firefox

This tutorial explains how to install the Zotero MS Word plugin on Firefox. After installing this plugin you can use MS Word with Zotero to easily reference all your academic papers as it will do in-text references, footnotes and endnotes and it will also build a Bibliography / Works Cited list in most of the major styles. Zotero also allows adding notes to the meta data references it creates and sharing of collections. Do try it out as it is very useful for researchers.


Installing Zotero on Firefox 

Here is a short video showing how to install Zotero on Firefox 14 on a Mac. The process is the same for installing Zotero on older versions of Firefox and for installing Zotero on Firefox on Windows and Linux computers. This will enable you to fully use Zotero with MS Word on a Mac although Windows users will not be able to use it if they have the cheapest version of MS Office - Word 2010 Starter Edition. All other versions will work on Windows machines and the installation process is almost identical to the one shown here.