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ICU - Suggested Summer Readings

For your ELA summer reading you have to read an English language book and you will review it in the autumn class in a P & D (Presentation & Discussion). The autumn teachers usually say that basically any book is fine, fiction or non fiction as long as it is in English. However if you like the kind of critical readings you did this semester i.e. those that practice critical enquiry, non acceptance of a status quo, subversive (in Meiland terms) and generally controversial, then I have listed 25 that fit this criteria on a variety of topics. If you like any of these you can ask me more about them in person or online via the Google Group. If you don't like any of these then remember you are free to chose any English language book for summer reading for the autumn class. However if you chose a book that relates to a topic you would like to write about you can kill two birds with one stone as a book review for P & D can form part of your literature review section of your essay. A good place to start when choosing a book is to look at the Amazon reviews - what do those who like and dislike the book have to say about it - as controversial books will have divided opinions among reviewers and that usually makes for a more interesting read. Anyway happy reading whatever book you choose.