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I'm Rab Paterson, the owner of this site and I'm originally from Glasgow, Scotland but now based in Japan and living the Slow Life in the foothills of the Japan Alps in a hand cut, fully eco friendly loghouse. As a counter balance to that traditional way of life I try to be modern and up to date in my classroom teaching style. I teach Academic Writing, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, and Presentations classes at universities in Tokyo (ICU, Todai, Dokkyo and JCSW) and employ a range of creative Web 2.0 / I.T. / Personal Learning Environment (P.L.E.) tools in my teaching. Also I give seminars and workshops on these topics and tools to other teachers, staff and students at the universities where I work so that they can also harness their power. For their research efficiency I really like cloud based solutions to modern digital research problems and actively promote Zotero and also utilise Google Apps for easy peer review and collaborative writing and presenting by students. I have given presentations / workshops on these on campus and at the Apple Store in Ginza. If you are interested in getting me to do a seminar at your institution please contact me via the Contact tool on this site. 

Over time I will be uploading many screen cast tutorial videos to show how to use many of the software tools I talk about on this site. I will also upload some of the ones I have already made for my old Communication via Multimedia course if the content is not outdated as I plan to migrate everything that is still relevant from the old CM site to this newer one. For this I use Screenflow on my Macs as it is a great software tool for making these tutorials. In my teaching I encourage students to develop their own P.L.E. toolbox and have online portfolios of their work and an appropriate web presence toolkit to display their work and this site will help them to do that. My experiences, and the results of the research literature conducted by many others, has lead me to firmly believe that proper use of such digital research tools in a Constructivist pedagogical way improves students' academic output, performance, and leads to better overall academic work and happier students, as they don't feel threatened by technology after they master some of its tools. So I actively practice what I preach in terms of making my classroom a digital one. I hope you find some of my ideas and experiences on this site useful in bringing your students into the digital age!